We are a 100% driven Volunteer Organization and we find that it is 100% gratifying to represent two of the world's Great Institutions at the same time. Here is a sampling of our activities and programs in the past few years:

On a national or "official" basis, we operate as the Harvard Veterans Alumni Organization Inc, an incorporated 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, and Special Interest Group of the Harvard Alumni Association. We host events ranging from 10 to 250+ people in Cambridge, DC, and San Francisco. We have conducted wonderful moving memorials and celebrations at Harvard's Memorial Church for Veterans and Memorial Days. We have hosted Beer Calls, a major presentation regarding of Medal Of Honor Project, and a few fundraisers.

On campus, in deference to our population of about 250 students and fellows who are Veterans and active duty Military, we are the Harvard Veterans Alumni Organization. We hosted several well-attended Welcome to Harvard football game tailgate BBQs, co-hosted the University's Welcome to Harvard, offered financial support to individual Veterans groups at our grad schools, and hosted a number of local Beer Calls. 

THE LONG CRIMSON LINE WANTS YOU!!.............To Volunteer. Email us to get invovled.