About the History Project



We are pleased to announce the launch of the Harvard Veterans History Project. It is intended to be a communal effort to confirm our belief that no private institution has a longer or more significant relationship in matters of "War and Peace" in America than Harvard University.

This project meets one of the stated goals of the Harvard Veterans Alumni Organization, to research and educate both the Harvard Community and the greater public about the service and sacrifice of 12 generations of Harvard men and women in the militias and military of our country. Indeed the very histories of Harvard and the military have been intertwined since its founding, and with your help this undertaking will enable us to tell that story.

In response to our request for "official" recognition and support for this project, Drew Faust wrote “As a historian and Harvard’s President I am, of course, enormously interested in anything that can be discovered on this subject. I think (however) that a veterans’ history project is better organized and supported by interested individuals outside the official leadership of the University, and we are fortunate in having, essentially, such a group already in HVAO.

We understand and appreciate President Faust’s sentiment which sounds, to us, like "marching orders". And so we begin, with the requested participation of all of the members and friends of HVAO, to set the historical record straight in the matter of the history of "The Long Crimson Line".

The Harvard Veterans History Project is an online collaboration of volunteers who are encouraged to submit notable, verifiable information on the general subject. These submissions will be reviewed for appropriateness and balance, prior to being updated on the website.

We begin with modest postings in five categories:

  • An Introductory Summary – Harvard and its Relations with the U.S. Military
  • A List of Notable Harvard Veterans
  • Moments in History – Accounts and links of Harvard-Military matters
  • Harvard’s Memorials and Archives
  • Books of Interest on the general subject

We believe that this will be a fascinating, enlightening, and enjoyable project for all who wish to participate, or simply watch it grow. We have a great story to tell, and we want many to join us in the telling. Perhaps we can eventually convince the University to establish a course or two in the subject area. Please don’t hesitate to submit material or make constructive comments, criticisms, and corrections about the format, subject matter, or posted information. All submissions should be made on our contact page.

We thank you for your interest and participation in The Harvard Veterans History Project.